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Company News Summary

AWE Announces Waitsia Stage 2 Not Impacted by WA Moratorium

06 Sep 2017  |  13:42:00  |  Associate analysts  |  Increase  |  Decrease  |  

Original announcement: Waitsia Stage 2 not impacted by WA moratorium

AWE provided information in relation to announcement by the Government of WA that it would conduct a scientific inquiry into the process of hydraulic fracture stimulation and that a moratorium on fracking would be put in place for 12 months until the inquiry is completed. Waitsia Stage 1A came into production in August 2016, producing gas from conventional reservoirs in the Kingia Formation and High Cliff Sandstones, and well performance has been good. The planned Waitsia Stage 2 development will also produce gas from the conventional reservoirs in the Kingia Formation and High Cliff Sandstones. The Company's exploration plans do not include fracking and therefore it does not expect to be impacted by the moratorium on fracking in WA.

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