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Woolworths Reports Net Loss of $1,234.8m for the Year to 30 June 2016

22 Sep 2016  |  18:08:00  |  Associate analysts  |  Increase  |  Decrease  |  

Original announcement: Appendix 4E - FY16 Preliminary Final Report

Woolworths reported net loss of $1,234.8m for the year ended 30 June 2016. Revenue from ordinary activities were $58,553m, down 4.43% from last year. Diluted EPS was (97.73) cents compared to 170.3 cents last year. Net operating cash flow was $2,357.5m compared to $3,345.1m last year. The final dividend declared was 33 cents, taking the full year dividend to 77 cents compared with 139 cents last year.

Woolworths Full Year Results to 30 June 2016

Year to 30 June 2016 ($A'000) Year to 28 June 2015 ($A'000)
Revenue 58,553,000 61,149,400
Pre-Tax Profit 1,359,600 3,296,600
Net Profit (Loss) (1,234,800) 2,146,000
Operating Cash Flow 2,357,500 3,345,100
Total Dividends (cents) 77 139
Diluted EPS (cents) (97.728) 170.3
NTA (cents) 194.9 362.4
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