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28/06/2017 | 3:38 PM  Global equities exposure propelled Australian corporate super funds to double-digit returns in the financial year so far, to the end of May 2017.

28/06/2017 | 8:15 AM  If an ATO interpretation is deemed to be correct, SMSFs will have to use more complex methods for calculating tax exemptions, according to Accurium.

27/06/2017 | 8:19 AM  With the latest rule changes set to commence, SMSFs have been given another reminder of the need for succession plans to be both legally effective and tax-efficient.

22/06/2017 | 10:41 AM  Trustees should ensure their SMSF balance is above $200,000 with funds to allow for a deposit of at least 30 per cent.

22/06/2017 | 9:34 AM  As children mature they increase their earnings capacity and can accelerate cash contributions, and this can be helpful when it comes to SMSF cash-flow management.

16/06/2017 | 11:14 AM  As retirement approaches, even the best-laid plans can go awry, as Tim Steffen tells Christine Benz, Morningstar US.

14/06/2017 | 10:48 AM  Strategic estate planning can help to reduce the risk of exceeding the transfer balance cap, according to Brian Hor at Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers.

08/06/2017 | 12:39 PM  Default superannuation fund investment allocations significantly outperformed their member-customised equivalents, according to a five-year study conducted by Vanguard and Sunsuper.

08/06/2017 | 9:31 AM  It is possible for the non-concessional contribution to be effected prior to 30 June but an SMSF member who is considering this should get a move on.

05/06/2017 | 9:44 AM  Company analysis and financial market research can optimise the time investors spend managing their portfolio and improve investment returns.

05/06/2017 | 8:34 AM  Asset protection and tax effectiveness are key reasons to set up family trusts, but it's essential to maintain proper records to avoid being a target for the ATO.

31/05/2017 | 8:06 AM  It is essential that SMSFs have their trust deeds reviewed and revised to avoid being caught out following the upcoming superannuation changes on 1 July.

30/05/2017 | 8:46 AM  Just as you wouldn't want to jump in a taxi (or Uber) driven by an unlicensed driver, you shouldn't trust an SMSF accountant without an Australian financial services license.

29/05/2017 | 8:51 AM  Individuals, government, and financial services organisations are grappling with a core challenge presented by Australia's ageing population--how they will fund their retirement.

25/05/2017 | 12:09 PM  Some retirees would be left in a worse financial situation by the home downsizing provisions announced in Budget 2017, says a wealth manager from accounting and financial planning firm HLB Mann Judd.

23/05/2017 | 8:20 AM  In the coming decades, an increasing number of older and more vulnerable individuals will have an SMSF, according to the Australian Law Reform Commission.

18/05/2017 | 8:44 AM  It seems that "fair" and "equal" have different meanings in the eyes of the law, according to SUPERCentral's Brian Hor.

16/05/2017 | 10:03 AM  There are a multitude of short and long-term factors to consider for those retirees affected by $1.6-million transfer balance cap.

10/05/2017 | 7:59 AM  The High Court's decision on when a taxpayer meets a necessary residency test has implications for members of SMSFs who travel overseas.

07/04/2017 | 8:08 AM  What happens if directors of a corporate trustee need to sign off on decisions concerning them as members if they are overseas?

06/04/2017 | 8:02 AM  Super remains the most tax-effective way to build retirement savings and it will now be easier for employees to make tax-deductible contributions in the future.

05/04/2017 | 11:31 AM  In recent years, Australian superannuation funds have been increasing the amount of control they offer members, and robo-advice is part of furthering this objective.

03/04/2017 | 8:08 AM  Gold jewellery, and gold coins and medallions, are certain to come under the stricter rules prescribed by SIS Regulations, according to Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers.

28/03/2017 | 8:39 AM  Many SMSF investors may be unaware of their exposure to the residential housing market, whether through home loans, investment property, or holdings of bank shares.

27/03/2017 | 10:44 AM  Market volatility, investment selection and regulatory changes are the most prominent investment challenges SMSF trustees currently face, a new AMP Capital study has found.

08/03/2017 | 8:00 AM  While CGT relief provides a great opportunity for SMSFs to reset the cost base of fund assets and lock in capital gains, there are some scenarios which require further consideration.

06/03/2017 | 8:43 AM  There are some common mistakes SMSF trustees make when commencing a pension using only part of a member's accumulation balance.

02/03/2017 | 4:06 PM  Infrastructure is a popular theme among retail investors and governments alike, with the former attracted by consistency and defensive characteristics, and the latter by voter appeal.

27/01/2017 | 8:04 AM  If investing in property, SMSF trustees should have 10 years of working life left and should hold a cash buffer that amounts to six months of all property expenses.

25/01/2017 | 8:03 AM  The introduction of the new $1.6-million cap has changed the game for members wanting to make contributions in advance, or so-called "bring-forward" contributions.

24/01/2017 | 7:59 AM  SMSF trustees should sit down with their adviser to review their fund and check how the legislative and regulatory changes of 2016 affect them.

18/01/2017 | 8:01 AM  Whether a trust is a fixed trust or not has significant taxation implications for SMSFs, as Michael Hallinan of Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers explains.

16/01/2017 | 8:09 AM  While there are undeniable benefits to international investing, it's important to consider how offshore investments fit with investors' goals, risk tolerance, timeframe, and portfolio.

10/01/2017 | 8:01 AM  With the 1 January 2017 assets test changes now in effect, it is important retirees who may be over the new cut-off understand the implications on their age pension entitlements.

06/01/2017 | 8:13 AM  For those likely to have super balances at or over $1.6 million by 1 July 2017, it's important to understand the rules and plan well before next financial year.

28/12/2016 | 4:53 PM  Enhanced disclosure of underlying assets held by fund managers is increasingly demanded by Australian investors of all sizes, from super funds to individual self-managed super fund trustees, and technology may help deliver this.

23/12/2016 | 9:16 AM  Michael Hallinan of Townsends Business & Corporate Lawyers explains under what circumstances it would be acceptable for an SMSF to acquire business premises.

22/12/2016 | 9:23 AM  When it comes to estate planning the best option is to only provide monies to children by way of a loan, according to Brian Hor at SUPERCentral.

21/12/2016 | 9:47 AM  Australians who have 10 years left until they retire could consider using equity in their home to fund SMSF investing, while being neutrally or positively geared in case of redundancy, injury or illness.



How to guard against retirement threats No place for set-and-forget asset allocation Helping SMSF trustees negotiate super complexities
How to guard against retirement threats No place for set-and-forget asset allocation Helping SMSF trustees negotiate super complexities

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