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Technical Analysis
Title Date Author
  ASX witnesses impressive action 21/02/2017 Lesley Beath
  Here's why the ASX could show further strength 13/02/2017 Lesley Beath
  ASX correction may have further to run 06/02/2017 Lesley Beath
  Has the Australian market pullback ended? 30/01/2017 Lesley Beath
  Don't bet on resources moving higher 23/01/2017 Lesley Beath
  Wait for market to show its hand 16/01/2017 Lesley Beath
  Is now a good time to buy? 09/01/2017 Lesley Beath
  Which animal is the best investor? 03/01/2017 Lesley Beath
  Human ego: A cruel and financially crippling master 30/12/2016 Lesley Beath
  What lies within the investor's psyche 29/12/2016 Lesley Beath
  Human emotion and the markets 28/12/2016 Lesley Beath
  There's still room for caution in global equity markets 06/12/2016 Lesley Beath
  This is why investors shouldn't be complacent 29/11/2016 Lesley Beath
  Here's why the US market could move significantly higher 21/11/2016 Lesley Beath
  Here's why the post-election rally can continue 15/11/2016 Lesley Beath
  US market awakens from its slumber 08/11/2016 Lesley Beath
  Australian market not painting an inspiring picture 31/10/2016 Lesley Beath
  Markets seem too quiet for comfort 24/10/2016 Lesley Beath
  All quiet on the technical front 17/10/2016 Lesley Beath
  Further downside in the gold price is likely 10/10/2016 Lesley Beath
  Why it may be time to sit on the sidelines 04/10/2016 Lesley Beath
  Why investors should look to BHP for market guidance 27/09/2016 Lesley Beath
  Australian market action encouraging 21/09/2016 Lesley Beath
  Is this the beginning of a corrective phase? 12/09/2016 Lesley Beath
  Could the Aussie banks outperform? 06/09/2016 Lesley Beath
  Why this could be the calm before the US market storm 29/08/2016 Lesley Beath
  Here's why resources could continue to outperform 23/08/2016 Lesley Beath
  Aussie market hits brick wall 16/08/2016 Lesley Beath
  Why you shouldn't ignore key reversals 08/08/2016 Lesley Beath
  No strong US market signals 02/08/2016 Lesley Beath
  US charts versus fundamentals 26/07/2016 Lesley Beath
  Upward momentum on ASX could be unleashed 19/07/2016 Lesley Beath
  Which animal is the best investor? 05/07/2016 Lesley Beath
  Human ego: A cruel and financially crippling master 28/06/2016 Lesley Beath
  What lies within the investor's psyche 21/06/2016 Lesley Beath
  No place for heroics 06/06/2016 Lesley Beath
  Price action gives mixed signals 30/05/2016 Lesley Beath
  Markets continue to dither 23/05/2016 Lesley Beath
  Risk has increased markedly 16/05/2016 Lesley Beath
  Market in holding pattern 10/05/2016 Lesley Beath
  Treat market with caution 02/05/2016 Lesley Beath
  Bear market prognosis under threat 26/04/2016 Lesley Beath
  Waiting for some clear signals 18/04/2016 Lesley Beath
  Global markets at important juncture 05/04/2016 Lesley Beath
  Odds favour bears victory 22/03/2016 Lesley Beath
  Sit back and wait for the signal 14/03/2016 Lesley Beath
  Action in resources builds optimism 08/03/2016 Lesley Beath
  No visibly encouraging signs 01/03/2016 Lesley Beath
  All Ords doesn't inspire confidence 22/02/2016 Lesley Beath
  Bear hasn't run its course 15/02/2016 Lesley Beath